George Macdonald

The Lion is majestic and bold. It is a symbol of power and authority. Jesus the Christ is depicted as a Lion as well as a Lamb and it’s why we picked it to be the image of our brewery. “G” & “M” are also the initials of one of our heroes, Scottish author George Macdonald from the 1800s. We’ve honed our craft the last 10 years before the great adventure with Great Mane and hope you will enjoy the passion behind our beer just as much as we do.

Links to George Macdonald Original Works:

Translated George Macdonald books:

These are a work in progress – many of GMD’s novels have Scots dialogue, not unreadable, but take time to get through. We’re working on translating all to English and will publish ASAP.

Resources on George Macdonald:

Other books not available for purchase/reading for free online:

George Macdonald in the Pulpit – this can be found on Amazon and ebay. It’s a compilation of spoken sermons as recorded in shorthand by newspapers, magazines, etc.